Breast Surgeries

If there is one external organ that receives every attention it should be the breasts of a woman. A breast not too large and not too small is considered ideal by any woman. Perception matters and... {{Read More}}

Tummy Tuck

Off late people with tummy has become a norm. Perfectly shaped and toned tummy or abdomen is indeed a rarity. The accumulation of fat makes the abdomen region look fluffy and fatty. Men and women ...{{Read More}}


Many times people fail to reduce the fat in their body no matter how hard they work out or keep up their diet. Failure stories are more rampant than success stories. The excess flab in our.....{{Read More}}


Nose is a prominent feature in everyone’s face. People are not happy with their nose should they be extra-long or asymmetrical or too short. An injury to the face can leave the nose either scarred....{{Read More}}

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Plastic surgery, hernia surgery, appendix removal, thyroid surgery, hydrocele, circumcision are done at Dr Kalas Clinic.

Inguinal Hernia

When part of the intestine tissue protrudes through a weak spot of the abdominal muscle, then it is termed as abdominal hernia. When this happens near the pubic bone area, it is Inguinal Hernia... {{Read More}}


A swelling in the scrotum is termed as Hydrocele. The medical condition happens when fluid builds up inside the thin sac of the scrotum that holds the testicles. The swollen testicle may not hurt but... {{Read More}}


When the appendix becomes inflamed for some reason, it needs to be surgically removal. This medical conditions is termed  Appendicitis and the surgical removal is termed Appendectomy.... {{Read More}}

About Dr. Kalanidhi

With a raging passion for performing Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgeries, Dr. Arcot V. Kalanidhi has performed more than 6000 such surgeries. He had his hands trained on his passionate field of Plastic Surgeries at the prestigious Stanley Medical College, Chennai where he completed his M.Ch (Plastic). He previously did his MBBS at Madras Medical College, Chennai and M.S. at SRMC, Chennai. He later proceeded to complete his FRCS studies at Edinburgh, Scotland. He was trained in Taiwan for Microvascular Surgeries and underwent training in Cosmetic procedures in US, UK, Brazil and other European Countries.

Dr Kalanidhi, a top plastic surgeon does cosmetic surgery at Dr Kalas Clinic

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