Cosmetic Surgery

Dr Kalas undertakes Cosmetic Surgery in Chennai and transforms your body for the best.

Dr Kalas Clinic is the brainchild of Dr Kalanidhi and is one of the best place known for Cosmetic surgery in Chennai. Dr Kalanidhi performs many types of cosmetic surgeries like breast augmentation and breast reduction for women, man boobs removal (gynecomastia) for men, nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty), general liposuction, etc. 

At Dr Kalas Clinic we also provide the best of plastic surgery for face and hands by our very well experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr Kalanidhi. Our plastic surgeon is one of the best plastic surgeons in India and he has expertise that runs close to two decades.

Cosmetic Surgery done at Dr Kalas Clinic in Chennai

Breast Augmentation

Worry not if your breasts are too small. The best of breast implants can give you the best morale booster. The advanced breast implantation techniques at Dr Kalas Clinic can spruce up your image and bring you happiness.

Breast Reduction

A large breast can give a sagging appearance. Cosmetic breast reduction surgery can provide relief from this condition. This is the safest option for women aspiring to have compact and well-contoured breasts.

Man Boob Removal

Gynecomastia affects more men these days. Whether you are a young male or an adult male, if your breasts give an appearance like a female breast, you can undergo gynecomastia surgery to remove this condition.

Tummy Tuck

A sagging tummy is a source of discontent. Weight loss sometimes can leave the stomach with loose muscles. In Tummy tuck surgery the extra flab along with the sagging muscle is removed to give a trimmed result.


Drain that extra fat in your tummy, thigh, arms and other regions simply by undergoing liposuction. Contour your body with the expertise of Dr Kalanidhi and the caring hands at Dr Kalas Clinic for liposuction.


A midline bump on your nose or a curved and turned nose should no more worry with advanced nose correction or rhinoplasty surgeries. Dr Kalanidhi, the skilled plastic surgeon contours your nose perfectly to your satisfaction.