Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

Rhinoplasty done by DrKalas in Chennai to make nose symmetrical and reshape it.

Nose is a prominent feature in everyone’s face. People are not happy with their nose should they be extra-long or asymmetrical or too short. Sometimes an injury to the face can leave the nose either scarred or can change the shape of the nose. The change effected on the nose by means of plastic surgery is referred as “Rhinoplasty". It is commonly termed as nose surgery or nose reshaping surgery. The decision to undergo a Rhinoplasty can often be very emotional as they can change the way one appears.

Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) is one of the very common cosmetic surgeries in Chennai and our Chief Plastic surgeon, Dr. Arcot V. Kalanidhi does it with utmost professionalism and ease. The plastic surgery involves one or many of the following procedures. Changing the size of the nose, reshaping the nose, straightening it, removing the nose bumps on the bridge of the nose, slightly elevating the tip of the nose as per desired length, augmenting the bridge of the nose, and correcting the deviated septum (the middle point).

Room TypeCost of Rhinoplasty Surgery
SingleRs. 85,000
DeluxeRs. 1,00,000