Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck or liposuction is the process of removing the excess abdominal fat to attain a slim and fit body

Off late people with tummy have increased. Perfectly shaped and toned tummy or abdomen is indeed a rarity and many zealously look for liposuction option. The accumulation of fat makes the abdomen region look fluffy and fatty. Both men and women can have this condition. This condition is where the skin has become loose and is dropping in the tummy area. Also found along are wrinkles or stretch marks on the skin. Women may develop this type of stretched abdominal muscles due to pregnancy.

Tummy tuck, referred medically as “Abdominoplasty”, is a procedure that can remove this condition in an effective way. The procedure involves removing excess skin and fat (using liposuction procedures) and then tightening the skin around the abdomen. The abdominal muscles that have become weaker are also tightened in this procedure. Through this surgical procedure, patients can receive a perfect waistline and a flatter stomach.

Room TypeCost of Tummy Tuck Surgery
SingleRs. 1,00,000
DeluxeRs. 1,20,000