What to expect in Gynecomastia Surgery
Gynecomastia surgery basically involves two procedures namely, liposuction technique and excision technique. The first removes the stubborn chest fat. The second
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Abdomen and waist area liposuction
Fat in the waist area is something that is a constant worry to many. Many people do not suffer from
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Dr Kalanidhi undertakes Gall bladder surgery at affordable costs in Chennai
What next if you have gallstones?
Gallstones in gallbladder is not something that is a rare condition. Many might have gallstones but they do not present
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Why men are more susceptible to Inguinal Hernia
Most hernia happen in men. Ever wondered why? Are men more susceptible because of their anatomy? Or is it something
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The A to Z of piles surgery
Piles Surgery – When is piles surgery recommended? When non-surgical treatment methods like change in diet, exercises, and medicines prescribed
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