About Us

At Dr Kalas Clinic, our mission is to deliver the best when it comes to cosmetic surgery. We offer a wide range of other non-cosmetic surgeries that can give you relief from many other medical conditions. They include piles, appendicitis, gallstones in gallbladder, fistula, etc.

We embrace new technologies and innovations in the field of medical science. We are constantly looking out for improving patient care. Due to this quality of seeking to better our own service, we are therefore one of the best cosmetic surgery clinic in Chennai.

Cosmetic Surgery at Dr Kalas Clinic in Chennai

We offer a wide array of surgical and non-surgical procedures that can serve to enhance your appearance. Our chief plastic surgeon Dr. Kalanidhi is a well-qualified cosmetic surgeon who has a penchant for rejuvenating one’s body appearance. The cosmetic surgeries that we undertake at Dr Kalas Clinic are breast augmentation, breast reduction, man boobs removal, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and tummy tuck.

Since we have our own hospital set up which has overnight stay and other latest facilities, we are able to ensure quality of surgery and the best aftercare. The full-fledged hospital set up we boast first of all ensures lowest possible risks. Furthermore they can also ensure fast recovery from most of the cosmetic procedures. Simply put, we deliver world-class service and treatment with a piece of mind.

A Brief History

The unblemished track record and the accomplishments of Dr. Arcot V. Kalanidhi has made this feet possible. The well accomplished plastic surgeon has a penchant for cosmetic surgeries and hence Dr. Kala’s Clinic was born. His desire to offer cosmetic surgeries with care in a suitable hospital environment is most noteworthy. Because safety assumes more priority and that is the reason behind the cosmetic clinic.

Our Mission

The stated mission of our clinic is to aim for impeccable satisfaction from our patients. These patients are those who have endeavoured to change the contours of their natural body to sport more confidence. As a result we show probably the best care when it comes to satisfying them.

About Our Surgeon, Dr. Arcot. V. Kalanidhi

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