Inguinal Hernia

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Of all the hernia that can happen in the entire body, inguinal hernia is the most common. They constitute almost 70% of all hernia reported. When the intestine pushes or squeezes through the inguinal canal found in the lower abdominal wall, then the hernia is termed as inguinal hernia.

Inguinal hernia is reported most frequently in male. This is because when the male child is born, the testicles of the male baby descends through this inguinal canal after the birth. This descending does not happen when the baby is in the womb but happens after the child birth. After the testicles has descended the inguinal canal closes by default and this happens naturally. On occasions this canal may not close properly and can result in the surrounding muscle becoming weak eventually as the male child grows. Eventually because of this weak spot, inguinal hernia can happen.

The only solution for inguinal hernia is surgery. Laparoscopic surgical techniques are used to repair the weakened hernia. In this surgery the surgeon pulls the protruding intestine or other tissues and places them in the proper position. After that the surgeon proceeds to strengthen the weak spot by placing a hernia mesh.

Room TypeCost of Inguinal Hernia Surgery
General WardRs. 20,000
Triple SharingRs. 22,000
Double SharingRs. 24,000
Single RoomRs. 30,000
Deluxe RoomRs. 35,000