The best surgery for Hydrocele is undertaken at Kalas Clinic in affordable prices.

Hydrocele is the filling up of the sac surrounding the testicles of a male with fluids and people with this condition have to undergo hydrocele surgery. Generally the male babies have hydrocele when they are born. This is because the testicles descend from the abdomen through the inguinal canal into the scrotum. After this descending has happened mostly the fluid drains because the body absorbs them back.

But in some babies the fluid may not be absorbed back and they may persist to be there in the sac. Such babies are said to have hydrocele. The condition is often painless and can be conspicuously seen as the scrotum of the male baby is larger than usual.

Hydrocele can also occur in older men above 40 years of age. This can happen in men whose inguinal canal has not closed properly after their birth during their childhood. Sometimes the fluid from the abdomen can flow into the sac through this opening and can fill the sac surrounding the testicles in the scrotum leading to hydrocele.

Hydrocele can be of two types. The first type is called non-communicating hydrocele, where the fluid is not flowing to and fro from the abdomen to the sac and vice versa. This type occurs when the fluid does not get absorbed by the abdomen back but the inguinal canal closes before that. Generally speaking it happens in a new born baby but still the body absorbs within a years’ time. If this does not happen, then the condition is hydrocele. If the child’s scrotum becomes large with the fluid accumulation then your child may require a hydrocele surgery.

The other type is called communicating hydrocele, where the fluid is flowing to and fro from the abdomen to the sac and vice versa. Here as the logic suggests the canal does not closes even after the descending of the testicles and this opens up the possibility of fluid flowing to and fro from the sac.

Hydrocele Surgery Procedures

At our center, hydrocele surgery is performed by qualified urology surgeons. A small surgical incision is made in the abdomen or the scrotum depending on where the fluid is and then it is drained out. The surgical incision is then closed using a dressing. The surgery is relatively a minor one. If the fluid accumulation is major and the scrotum has bulged really big due to the large fluid content, a drainage tube is inserted in the incision area for few days.

Room TypeCost of Hydrocele Surgery
General WardRs. 15,000
Triple SharingRs. 17,000
Double SharingRs. 19,000
Single RoomRs. 25,000
Deluxe RoomRs. 30,000